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Q.  How can you offer unlimited web space and bandwidth?
A. We have huge network of servers that we constantly add to and this means we have far more space and bandwidth than we will ever need. If more disk space or bandwidth is ever needed we can simple just add more servers to our network.
Q.  What are the defences between the Reseller Pro and the Reseller Enterprise accounts?
A. The main difference is the Reseller Enterprise comes with unlimited e-mail spam and virus protection. Also it has the option for you to create hosting account which can host multiple web sites like our Multi Site accounts we offer.
Q.  Can I upgrade from one account to another if I choose to go with a lower reseller account?
A. Yes this is very simple and can be done suing our upgrade centre on the control panel.

If you have a question not answered in our FAQ's please e-mail sales@bpweb.net or give us a call on 08707 42 44 74 and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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